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Do I need to share my LinkedIn Credentials to use Aimfox?
Do I need to share my LinkedIn Credentials to use Aimfox?

More about the requirements of using Aimfox

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In short - yes. Aimfox is a LinkedIn automation software that helps you grow and manage your LinkedIn network and opportunities.

To function, Aimfox requires you to connect your account to our system in order to sync your connections, conversations, and automate your outreach process.

We understand that security is paramount when it comes to your LinkedIn account, which is why all the data regarding your account is always encrypted, and we never share your password or personal information with anyone.

We adhere to strict privacy policies and comply with all relevant data protection regulations to safeguard your information.

With Aimfox, you can trust that your LinkedIn account is in safe hands. Our commitment to security and privacy enables you to focus on building your network and achieving your professional goals with confidence.

Data Security, Zapier and Third Party Integrations

If you are using our Zapier integration, you can allow Zapier to access certain information from your campaigns. This information will never include your LinkedIn login credentials, only information from the Leads CRM and your campaigns.

You can see exactly what information will be shared when integrating your Aimfox account with Zapier.

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